Why Fruit Infused Water is all the Craze Right Now

Ever read on a health blog or in a magazine that you should add lemon to your water? We have too, but why? 

Hydration is key for a healthy and efficient body.  Your body is made up of 50-75% water and can last for weeks without food but only days without water.  The amount each body requires is specific to your size and physical output throughout the day but it is essential for our bodies and typically something we do not get enough of. 

The benefits of correct hydration on the body are huge.  It helps to move oxygen and nutrients around your body and naturally flushes toxins.  Your skin will be clearer, plumper and more elastic.  Your joints will have more lubrication resulting in less strain and you may even have more energy in your muscles which creates more energy for physical activity.  To help increase your fluid intake sip on infused water throughout the day. 

One of the reasons keeping up hydration is so hard for people is becasue they do not enjoy the taste of water to start with or they get bored of it as the day goes on. 

And that is where infusing your water comes into play.  Fruit infused water has numerous health benefits and encourages you to increase your water intake each day. Adding fruit, herbs or vegetables to your water allows you to design your own flavour to something that appeals to you which in turn results in consuming more water.  Infuser bottles (our fave is Simply Infused Infuser bottles) makes it easy to infuse your water and enjoy it all day long. 

Another advantage of infused water is that it adds the sweetness of fruit to your beverage without adding additional calories to your diet.  Studies have shown it may also help improve weight loss and also support longer term weight loss maintenance.

Check out some of our fave recipes and benefits:

Lemon with hot or cold water – Includes vitamin c to boost your immune system, acid to slow the digestive process and also helps to moderate spikes in insulin.

Orange – Infused your water with orange for a vitamin C boost.  Orange also has the advantage of being naturally sweet without the added sugar

Pink grapefruit and rosemary – helps detoxify your liver and is another boost of vitamin c

Mint and cucumber – Reduces bloat and puffiness.  Mint can settle your stomach and aids digestion and cucumber provides further rehydration effects and anti-inflammatory benefits.

To be honest it really does not matter which recipe you choose as long as you find one that you love and as a result, you increase your water intake across the day. 

Keep trialing different ingredients until you find your favourites.

Whats your favourite fruit infused combo? We want to hear about it! 






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